There is a need in society for a system of values concerning sex relations, marriage and the family promoting both the physical and mental health and the harmonious development of individuals and their communities and protecting them from harmful effects. In recent decades, both in Europe and in Hungary, true and false values have become completely mixed up. The individual can hardly foresee the useful or harmful nature of available choices, ways and lifestyles. In the light of the national and international scientific results this situation can be explained by the fact that for the majority of people it is difficult to distinguish the essential differences between the various types of couple relationships, their important effects and consequences.

This mission statement and order of values intend to protect man and human dignity. It formulates and recommends ways that serve the fulfilment and health of the personality and that of communities, through supporting the harmony of the body and soul, regardless of the lifestyle followed or living conditions.

Budapest, 21 October 2019

Mission Statement of the European Family Science Society

The mission of the European Family Science Society is to promote the formation and survival of good marriages and stable families which is a vital question for the individual and for communities, including the society as a whole. The Society believes that a good marriage and a stable family serve as the foundation of personal fulfilment and social development.

Therefore, the Society articulates, recommends, disseminates and protects the most important values of couple relationships concerning marriage and family based on scientific results and life experience. It suggests lifestyle models for the benefit of participants in long-term couple relationships, marriage, and family. It works to restore the culture of couple relationship and marriage thus suppressing the acceptance of free sexuality, to preserve the legal definition of marriage as a life union between a man and a woman, and to emphasize the two sexes, whether male or female.

The Society strives to reduce the crisis of family life. It aims to reduce free sexuality, domestic violence and the extent of demographic crisis, as well as to curb the high rates of mental illness, the spread of mosaic families, the separation of sexes, the increase in harmful individualization and loneliness, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and abortions.

The Society is trying to use its own means to help politics, culture, science, education, civic organizations, churches, and the media preserve human dignity as a fundamental duty, with particular emphasis on couple relationships that are respectful to one another, based on love, and ensure the clean and healthy development of the human personality thus the survival of the society.

The Society believes that the crisis of family life is fundamentally perceived by the whole society including all superstructures such as education, churches, workplaces, health and all governmental systems. The Society is convinced that family stability is determined by the harmony of marriages determined by the culture of couple relationships.

The Society emphasizes that the demographic crisis is one of the symptoms of the crisis of family life and therefore the demographic crisis can and should only be solved by curing the crisis of family life. Otherwise, the further escalation of the general crisis in the couple relationship would further afflict the whole of society and thus endanger and weaken the very existence of society.

The Society believes that it is essential and urgent to identify and raise awareness of the factors that hinder the formation and survival of stable families, and it is indispensable to articulate, protect and disseminate the fundamental values of couple relationship culture and family life on a scientific and cultural basis in most spheres of education and media.

Budapest, 21 October 2019

Values of the European Family Science Society concerning couple relationships, marriage and family

Based on its current knowledge, the Society formulates the following values:

1. The dignity of every human being is absolute and equal.

2. Man’s life, physical and mental health and family relationships are incomparable and irreplaceable values. Man is a self-conscious being who has freedom and feels alone lonely. A human being is female or male, with elementary need to become whole.

3. Love is a passion and a decision to explore and fulfil the true needs of the other party. The basic sense and purpose of human life is to love and be loved, as love is the highest ability and activity of man which at the same time provides the optimum space for the development of individual and community values.

4. As a result all human relationships, especially those between the two sexes, must be based on mutual love and respect.

5. Pre-marital sexual relations violate the dignity of the human being especially that of the female, making adversely selfish the individual, especially the male, delaying the date of marriage and reducing the chance of marriage. According to surveys couple relationships not leading to marriage especially in case of women, will have significantly negative impact on later marriage and family life, reduce the likelihood of marriage and destroy the quality, harmony and stability of the marriage. Such couple relationships cause harmful individualization, mental illness and, once they become common, a demographic crisis. These couple relationships fundamentally violate the dignity of women as they often objectify women and causes a serious risk to the health of the individual, the communities and the whole society. They also pose a particular risk to the health and well-being of the conceived child. For this reason, sexual intercourse can only be recommended within a marriage.

6. Woman and man as two parties are united in marriage, complement one another, and form together one unit of perfection. Marriage is a free, full, faithful, child-loving, lifelong alliance between a woman and a man and is protected and certified by the state as a special legal institution. The harmonious functioning of marriages is a fundamental interest of spouses, families, communities and a healthy society as a crucial element of individual, family and social health.

7. The family is a marriage-based community. A couple itself also forms a family, the wife, husband and their natural or adopted children can also be members of the family, but a single parent forms a family with the child or children, either. The family is the foundation of the social order, the smallest and most important unit of society which guarantees the future of the whole nation.

8. Human life is entitled to protection and dignity from conception. The European Family Science Society recommends family planning methods that do not endanger the health or life of parents or unborn children. Furthermore, it considers only such a fertilization procedure correct in which, apart from the married couple, no germ cell originates from a third party, the fertilization takes place within the body and the foetus remains in the mother’s body.

9. Efforts should be made for children to be conceived, born and raised in a loving marriage. This is the natural right of the child.

10. Intergeneration solidarity, especially within the immediate family, should be emphasized.

11. It is a fundamental duty and task of politics, culture, science, education, civil society organizations, churches, and the media to promote the spread of a love-based, pure couple relationship that respects the other party, where the basic features of a pure couple relationship are the love of the other party, the limitation of sexual relations to marriage, and the acceptance of conceived children. Without this, the survival and long-term harmonious functioning of society cannot be guaranteed. The promotion of free love in the media, shown as natural or healthy, and the free availability of pornography, should be restricted in the same way as advertising, promotion and publicity of tobacco is not allowed or severely restricted. They are deceptive and also have a detrimental effect on couple relationships, marriages and families. The dissemination of ideologies questioning or denying the two sexes of human being should also be avoided as these are regarded as political-ideological experiments rather than a society organizing power, furthermore they deny the dignity of women and men, and their short and long-term social impacts are incalculable.

12. Family policy should establish, disseminate and maintain such a value system scientifically and culturally in education, public life and in the media that promotes the formation and survival of good marriages and stable families.

Budapest, 21 October 2019