History of the Society

The Society was founded in 2007 as the „Science for the Family” Fellowship. It changed its name in 2015 to include „science society” and to have a scientific society in family science. The word, „European” refers to problems at European level with regard to couple relationships, marriage and family. This is also indicated by the demographic crisis. Thus, at least European cooperation is needed.

The European Family Science Society is a member organization of the Family Science Alliance.

The Statutes of the European Family Science Society can be found at the following link:

Statutes of the European Family Science Society


The fundamental objective of the European Family Science Society is to promote the formation and survival of good marriages by formulating a humane image of man and raising the standard of a couple relationship culture. It is important to formulate, protect and disseminate relevant values, as well as to identify and present harmful processes.

We must realize that for decades there has been a sneaky war against marriage and the institution of the family. It is no coincidence that these attacks concern the realm of sexuality and come from a variety of fronts. If we do not face them, if we do not argue against them, then we will not have the chance to tackle the demographic crisis in a humane and effective way, to curb family disintegration effectively, and to reduce harmful selfishness and mental illness significantly.

The purpose of the Society is to conduct extensive scientific research on couple relationship, marriage and family, to identify the right guidelines, to map harmful processes, to develop, strengthen and disseminate results in an optimal way in order to minimize harmful phenomena and optimize useful processes through extensive collaboration. Learning, scientific research, teaching and dissemination is important in this area. The Society strives to reduce one of the great shortcomings of today’s scholarship and society namely that it does not have a scientific society to analyse processes that fundamentally affect one of the most important areas of human life such as couple relationships, marriage and the family. Today this topic has become a very burning issue and is already under global attack.

For these purposes, the Society will carry out the following activities:

  • Bringing together people who value marriage and family to alleviate the crisis around the family (bringing together the scientific, civil and ecclesiastical spheres).
  • Analysing the most important pillars of couple relationship, marriage and family, in particular to analyse experiencing sexuality at a human level through scientific methods (e.g. philosophical, ethical, psychological, epidemiological, sociological, historical, medical, legal, pedagogical, economic analyses).
  • Assessing and analysing the short and delayed effects of different types of couple relationships.
  • Mapping today’s couple relationship practice.
  • Assessing, analysing, and developing strategies to overcome barriers to the formation and survival of good marriages and harmonious families.
  • Comparing correct principles recognized to the existing practice, analysing the causes of differences between them, and ranking the harmful factors according to their severity.
  • Scientific research, learning, teaching, dissemination and raising awareness in this field.
  • Organizing a team of professionals to work both in the theoretical field and in practical tasks.
  • Presenting the national and international scientific achievements of this multidisciplinary field in the media, at conferences, lectures, courses, publishing books, workbooks and guides, as well as operating a website.
  • Communicating with similar organizations.
  • Identifying the main research and education directions and develop short, medium and long term action plans.
  • Developing systematic programs to raise awareness of couple relationships, marriage and family issues in the home, school, media, churches and politics.
  • Wording statements regarding scientific, marriage, family and gender issues.
  • Outlining the right way to experience sexuality in today’s and ideal society. Mapping the difference in today’s practice. Regarding sexuality how to prepare your child for life from kindergarten age? What is the task of school, media, churches, science and politics in this field?
  • Tendering and granting scholarship for the above mentioned formulated activities and scientific research.
  • The Society generates resources for its activities following standard strategies.
  • Monitoring special literature.
  • Disseminating the need for a three-dimensional family policy. The three dimensions are: (i) analysing, criticizing, and proposing eradication of anti-human and anti-community ideologies that destroy responsible couple relationship, marriage, and the family; (ii) formulation, recommendation, dissemination and protection of human image and  set of values for couple relationship, marriage and family that support physical and mental health, development and protection of individuals and communities; (iii) facilitating access to housing for young and first married couples and providing financial support to parents of children;
  • Raising society’s awareness for decades of war on dignified couple relationship, marriage and family. This war is directed primarily against the dignified experience of sexuality and couple relationship – known as the Sexual Revolution- the fronts of which are well known and new fronts are emerging. In fact, this is not a revolution, but a war and terrorism against the individual, marriage and family. In Europe, it certainly undermines the power of nation-state and Christianity.