For Happier Families and Youth II. Study Volume

The second volume of our study will be published in mid-December 2019 titled as “For Happier Families and Youth II. Volume ” with the sub-heading „Proposals for solving the crisis of family life and the demographic crisis”. This book includes 22 scientific, essay, and brief peer-reviewed studies, in which authors seek different solutions to the crisis in relationships and family life. These proposals are also a step in the direction of tackling the demographic crisis.

The first volume analysed the causes of the crisis in family life and the demographic crisis. It noted that in recent decades there have been serious attacks on the institution of marriage in Europe and in Hungary. True and false values regarding partnership, marriage and family have been mixed. In this area, a crisis of values, anthropological crisis and harmful individualisation have occurred.

Based on the causes of these crises, this second book proposes solutions to disseminate and universally adopt in society a system of values for partnership, marriage and the family that promotes the physical, mental health, harmonious development of individuals and their families, and protects against adverse effects. Extensive scientific analysis should point to relevant fundamental values. Without directing these processes in a healthy direction, the demographic crisis cannot be resolved humanely and effectively in the long term. However, if we can restore the dignity of the relationship, marriage and family on a social level in accordance with the Fundamental Law, there is a realistic chance that the demographic crisis will be resolved. To do this, anthropological image and culture of relationship should be made much healthier and more noble for people, especially young people. The ultimate goal of this volume is to spread happier relationships, happier marriages, and happier families, making us a significantly healthier and even more prosperous nation.

Book Launch

The premiere of “For Happy Families and Youth Volume II” is expected in the first half of January.


Our association is organizing a two-day conference on “Relationship Culture and Demography” on 26-27 March 2020. Foreign experts are also expected to attend the event.